Woman Charged After 'Close Call' on 80/94

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A 32-year-old Chicago woman faces six felony counts that include drunk-driving related charges after a close call on the Borman Expressway near Lake Station around 11-o'clock Saturday night, officials say. Indiana State Police say a preliminary investigation revealed troopers were assisting crews at a semi fire eastbound near Central Avenue when a GMC Yukon approached at a high rate of speed, came to a stop between a police car and another vehicle, then drove onto a flatbed wrecker that had its deck down, and drove off the side of it – with three children, ages ten, six, and five in her vehicle. State Police also say the woman was found to have two felony warrants for Operating While Intoxicated and two misdemeanor warrants for Driving While Intoxicated. The woman was booked into the Lake County Jail.

News release from Indiana State Police:

Close Call Sends One to Jail on Numerous Felony Charges

(November 25, 2012) -- Yesterday at approximately 10:53 p.m, troopers came in contact with a female driver on I-80 east bound near the 12.3 mile marker who nearly struck several emergency vehicles.

Preliminary investigation by Corporal Frederick L. Blohm Jr. has revealed that troopers were assisting fire department personnel at a semi fire on I-80.  The trooper’s cars and fire equipment had their emergency lights activated.  A black 2008 GMC Yukon driven by Ayesha M. Crawford, 32 years old from Chicago was heading east bound approaching the fire scene at a high rate of speed.  Crawford finally locked up the brakes and came to an uncontrollable stop between Corporal Blohm’s police car and another vehicle.  Crawford’s Yukon attempted to leave the scene when Corporal Blohm attempted to stop it.  Crawford then headed the Yukon towards a flatbed wrecker that had its deck down and started to proceed up the wrecker deck.  She then drove the Yukon off the side of the wrecker deck where Corporal Blohm finally got Crawford to stop.  

After further investigation, it was revealed that Crawford was driving impaired and was arrested for Operating While Intoxicated Refusal.  Inside the Yukon were three children, 10, 6 and 5 years old.  Crawford was also found to have two felony warrants for Operating While Intoxicated and two Misdemeanor warrants for Driving While Intoxicated.  Crawford was booked into Lake County Jail on charges of:

Operating While Intoxicated Refusal-Class A Misdemeanor
Habitual Traffic Violator – 10 years-Class D Felony
Operating While Intoxicated Endangering-Felony
Operating While Intoxicated-Prior-Class D Felony
Operating While Intoxicated-Passengers less than 18 years old-Class D Felony
Neglect of a Dependant three children under the age of 11 years-Class D Felony
Two Failure to Appear Warrants-Class D Felony
Two Failure To Appear Warrants-Class A Misdemeanor
Assisting at the scene was Indiana State Trooper Brian Rubesha.



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