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Romeo Updates from HSNI

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Romeo had surgery yesterday and he is doing very well. His ear has been repaired and the piece of skin hanging off his left eye was removed. He was also neutered. I visited him today and he looks wonderful. He is so happy you wouldn’t even know he had surgery. Dr. D from the Munster Animal Hospital said that even as he was coming out from under anesthesia that his tail was wagging. The staff at the Munster Animal Hospital has been working with him; He knows how to sit, shake paw, lie down and stay. He is a very bright boy and will be looking for a “forever home” soon.


To all who have donated to "Romeo's Rescue Fund" I want to say thank you. The kindness everyone has shown Romeo from New York to England, Italy to Argentina has been so heartwarming. The human race can be so amazing! I visited Romeo today and he is doing extremely well. The wounds on his face are nearly healed and he will soon have surgery on his ear.

As the director of the Humane Society of NW Indiana, I realize we cannot save them all, but Romeo has proven to be very special. Through all his painful treatments he has maintained being a beautiful, sweet and trusting creature. How many of us humans put through what he was put though would have the same attitude towards the human race?

We needed to save Romeo not just for Romeo's sake... but for ours. There's a saying I have always liked and have tried to live by. "You make a living from what you get. You make a life from what you give. What you do for yourself dies with you. What you do for others and the world is immortal". It’s want being alive is about…. to make a difference. Thank you again. Betty Clayton ~ Executive Director, Humane Society of NW Indiana.

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Romeo continues to improve!

The very serious wound on his nose that had bone exposed is now healing over. He is still on antibiotics and will be for awhile.

He has a great appetite and has gained 7 pounds. The swelling on his face has decreased substantially and his wounds look significantly better. He just received his vaccines and most likely surgery will be done on his ear next week. He is still a happy boy and loves everyone. We will try to have pictures of the handsome boy on Friday.


Romeo is responding very well to treatment and is getting better and stronger on a daily basis. He is eating well and gaining weight. His wounds are healing and the puncture wound in his sinus area is doing much better and may not require further surgery though his torn ear and injured ear canal will require more surgery

Everyone at the Munster Animal Hospital, where he is now being treated really loves him. He was up at the front desk area last night hanging out with the staff and he now knows where they keep their treat jar!

It doesn't matter who the person is... he has a "wag of the tail" for them. He still has a long road to recovery but he is doing well and has a great attitude. He seems to know that there are a lot of kind people out there who are thinking and caring about him.

We will have pictures coming soon!!!!

If you would like to donate money for Romeo please go to:

The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana works closely with the Gary Police Department and Gary Animal Control to investigate animal abuse cases. In May, Sgt. Darlene Breightenstein of the Gary Police Department rescued “Romeo” and delivered him to our care.  Donations specifically for “Romeo’s Rescue Fund” can be dropped off in person or mailed to the shelter -- “Romeo’s Rescue Fund” c/o The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana, 6100 Melton Road, Gary, IN 46403.

From HSNI: Be warned the photos of his injuries are quite graphic.  Despite being in tremendous pain, “Romeo” has maintained a very sweet demeanor,
wagging his tail in gratitude as the wonderful people at the Munster Animal Hospital came to his medical aid.

Thank you for reading, sharing and caring!   Every dollar helps more than you can imagine.

Sincerely,  The Staff of The Humane Society of Northwest Indiana

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