Region First Responders Get Grants for Equipment

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Several first responders in northwest Indiana are receiving grants for gear, equipment, and technology.. The Indiana Homeland Security Foundation has approved nearly 373-thousand dollars in grant funding to fire departments, law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services around the state. The focus of the foundation is to support the future of the public safety and to provide grant funding to local agencies for critical public safety needs across Indiana. Grants are provided up to $4,000. Public safety agencies are eligible to apply for projects such as:
• Equipping emergency responders with personal protective equipment
• Acquiring equipment for use by emergency responders
• Providing radios and technology equipment
• Training for emergency responders
Here are the local recipients:
• The City of Crown Point Fire Rescue received $4,000 to purchase two water rescue dry suits. The protective equipment will provide protection in cold or contaminated environments.
• The City of East Chicago Fire Department received $4,000 to purchase two atmospheric meters and calibrators. The equipment will allow firefighters and residents to detect airborne hazardous materials during or after a structure fire or dangerous atmospheric incident.
• The City of Hammond Fire Department received $3,920 to purchase 14 harnesses. Two difference sets of harnesses will be bought by the department. One will aid in fall protection and the other will allow trained professionals to reach areas hands-free to aid in rescues. These new harnesses will be replacing ones that are 18 years old and outdated.
• The City of Hobart Fire Department received $4,000 to purchase a thermal imaging camera. This will enhance the safety of the department’s firefighters by assisting them during search and rescue of fire victims.
• The City of Whiting Fire Department received $4,000 to purchase a stair chair, canvas transfer sheet and emergency blankets, wetsuit, splint kit, pulse oximetry device combat hose, water rescue package and two wrist blood pressure machines.
• The Lake County Sheriff received $4,000 to purchase a digital voice logger. This device records all incoming and outgoing transmissions from the emergency dispatch center and will aid in operations.
• The Town of Griffith Fire Department received $3,961.05 to purchase water and ice rescue equipment. This equipment will help firefighters protect the community during severe weather.
• The Town of Lowell Police Department received $3,535 to purchase seven stop sticks. The stop sticks will be used as a safety tool that will help prevent injuries and fatalities from vehicles.
• The Town of Schererville Fire Department received $4,000 to purchase two transmitter kits. These kits are used to help find and rescue missing people.
• The Town of St. John Police Department received $4,000 to purchase a trailer for its ATV units. This will provide the department the capability to more easily respond to emergencies where off-road vehicles need assistance.
• The Francesville Salem Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. received $4,000 to purchase new sets of structural gloves and turnout gear. The gloves will be replacing old and worn-out gear and will better protect firefighters’ hands while performing tasks during an emergency. The personal protection equipment will be outfitted for the department’s newest firefighter.
• Pulaski County received $3,999.96 to purchase six tone-alert radios. The alert radios will be installed in identified public buildings the will allow for immediate notification of an imminent threat or hazards situation. This all hazards alert system will be targeted to buildings that have large amount of public potential in or around them.


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