Gary Mayor, Police Chief Issue Statement on Report

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Gary Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson and Gary Police Chief Wade Ingram today issued a joint statement regarding a newly-released state report critical of the city's police department. The mayor and police chief thanked the governor and Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter, and say they will review the input and make changes that they deem appropriate. The city Thursday received a 13-page report from a Special Task Force convened by Carter at the request of Governor Mike Pence after the governor was asked to send state help to assist in tackling an upswing in violent crime in Gary this year. Among the recommendations of the report was dedicating additional current officers to patrol duties. In the letter dated Thursday, Governor Pence offered assistance with training and processing evidence and said he has instructed Indiana State Police to work with the Indiana Department of Technology to review current information technology at the Gary Police Department and make recommendations to improve operations.  The mayor and police chief also said no further comment would be issued until officials have had the opportunity to review the findings and discuss next steps.
Here is the statement issued by Mayor Freeman-Wilson and Chief Ingram:
“Yesterday evening, we received the report of the Special Task Force convened by Indiana State Superintendent Doug Carter at the request of Governor Mike Pence.  We would like to thank Governor Pence and Superintendent Carter for their willingness to convene this group.  It is our intent to review this report in the context of the previous assessment of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the work of the Office of Justice Programs Diagnostic Center and our work with the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.  We will review all external input and offers to assist as we move forward to access the help needed and make the changes that we deem appropriate.”


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