2 Hoosier WWII-era Marines will be Laid to Rest

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Flgas at In Veteran Cemetery
After Nearly 70 Years Two Hoosier Marines to be laid to Rest.  On Saturday, August 24, 2013, at approximately 1:00pm, two U.S. Marines Veterans will be laid to rest with military honors at the Indiana Veterans Memorial Cemetery located at 1415 North Gate Rd, Madison, IN.  The funeral procession will leave Bond Mitchell Funeral Home at approximately 11:00am traveling from the funeral home south on SR 135 to SR 46, east on SR 46 into Columbus, South on SR 7 (State Street) from Columbus through North Vernon to Madison where the procession will arrive at the Cemetery.  The Patriot Guard Riders, Rolling Thunder and Indiana State Police, along with local public safety agencies will be involved in the escort.  The public and media are encouraged to show their support for thetwo Marine heroes by lining the streets and roadways along the route of travel.  Hoosiers  can also go to the Bond Mitchell Funeral Home web site and sign the guest book of PFC Manley F. Winkley .
U.S. Forces were ordered to secure the Tarawa Atoll in the Gilbert Island chain in late 1943.  During the battle of Tarawa approximately 1000 Marines were killed.  PFC Manley F. Winkley was among those killed in action.  US Casualties were buried in a number of expedient battlefield cemeteries around the atoll.  In 1946 US Army Graves Registration Service personnel attempted to locate and exhume all of the battlefield interments, however, because of the construction activities many burials were never located.  PFC Winkley was among the men that were not recovered.  On Oct 29 thru Nov 8 2012, a Joint POW/MIA Accounting command team excavating in what is now the Republic of Kiribati, found human remains of at least three individuals on the Tarawa island of Betio.  The remains were transported to the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command, Central Identification laboratory, Hawaii, where on Apr 2 2013, PFC Manley F. Winkley was positively identified.   Manley F. Winkley was born in Indianapolis, IN on Sep 17, 1923 and enlisted into the US Marine Corps in Indianapolis, IN on Dec 12, 1942.  He was assigned to Company B 1 ST Battalion 2nd Marine Division during WW II and was killed in action on Nov 20, 1943 at the age of 20.
Lyman M. Winkley (nephew of Manley F. Winkley) was born in Indianapolis, IN on Feb 11 1927.  Lyman Winkley enlisted into the US Marine Corps on December 11, 1944 because of the death of his uncle, Manley F. Winkley, who was his hero as they were growing up together.  He served with the 3rd Division and was honorable discharged as a CPL on May 28, 1947.  Lyman Winkley re-enlisted into the USMC on Aug 24, 1950.  He was with the 1st Marine Division during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.  He was wounded in Yo-Dong, Korea on Mar 22, 1951 and was wounded on Apr 25 1951 in Central Korea.  He received a Korean Service Medal with one bronze service star and Purple Heart with on gold Star.  He was honorable discharged on Sep 4, 1951.
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