Indiana State Prison holds Annual Disturbance Drill

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Prison drill
The Indiana State Prison, with the assistance of the Michigan City Police Department, held an annual drill simulating a disturbance at the facility’s Minimum Security Unit.  The Emergency Response Teams for the facility were activated and participated in the drill conducted Thursday morning at the Indiana State Prison. 
The minimum security unit houses approximately 300 level one and two offenders.  Eight staff members played the parts of offenders making demands on staff.  During the exercise, offenders were treated for mock injuries that included a heart attack, broken bones and stab wounds.
The purpose of the drill was to evaluate the emergency plans in place. The exercise lasted just over two hours, with a debriefing after the event to suggest improvements for the future. All teams did an excellent job and were very professional in handling their duties during the operation.
William K. Wilson, Superintendent at the Indiana State Prison, expressed his appreciation to Chief Swistek and the Michigan City Police Department for their assistance with the drill. “The drill gave us an opportunity to re-evaluate the emergency procedures in place and make the necessary revisions to continue to protect the safety and security of our community,” stated Superintendent Wilson.
About the Indiana State Prison:
This Indiana State Prison (ISP) was built in 1860, and is the oldest correctional facility in operation for the Department. ISP is located on 100 acres of land on Michigan City’s west side. The physical plant consists of 52 buildings, which include 13 offender-housing units, steam plant, garage, warehouse, industries buildings, and five staff housing units. The main walled compound surrounds 24 acres of land.  Located on the same grounds, outside the wall is the unit dedicated to house the medium-security offenders.
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