Congressman Pete Visclosky Speaks in Valparaiso

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Congressman Pete Visclosky Speaks in Valparaiso
Congressman Pete Visclosky delivers keynote speech at Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Thursday afternoon

1st District Congressman Pete Visclosky spoke on a variety of topics during the keynote speech Thursday afternoon at a luncheon at Strongbow Inn, hosted by the Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce.
Near the start of his address, Congressman Visclosky reminded an attentive audience of chamber members that we are a nation at war and that there are over 60,000 active military forces in Afghanistan and that the forces are going to be there for some time.
Visclosky also lauded Rex Richards, chamber president and his staff for taking honors the second time as being the finest chamber in the state.
The congressman also spent some time discussing the healthcare bill.  While not in favor of the governor's deciscion to not participate in the Medicare program, Visclosky says a portion of the bill is successful in "any number of areas."  Those areas he says include, "preventative care, making sure children with disabilities are not excluded from the system, and removing lifetime caps on insurance policies."  Visclosky adds that instead of saying, "no,no,no" there should be "serious discussion in Congress about how we can make it (the plan) better."
Congressman Visclosky also talked about the importance of economic growth especially since the economy has been in a very serious recession.  During a question and answer session, chamber president Richards asked whether the South Shore train would ever make it to Valparaiso, and whether there were federal funds available to make that happen.  The congressman says "the short answer to Rex's question is I believe're going to have a South Shore Stop in Valparaiso."  But Visclosky added that because the "numbers work better" as far as federal funding is concerned, a southern leg to Lake County would be first.
You can hear Congressman Pete Visclosky's Thursday afternoon keynote speech in its entirety online at:
(photo courtesy of Jay Stevens)


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