IN SOS Moving to Electronic Reminders for Business

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Secretary of State
INDIANAPOLIS (May 30, 2013) – Secretary of State Connie Lawson today announced technology upgrades to her office’s customer services. Secretary Lawson launched an online tool to allow Hoosier businesses to receive e-mail notices when it is time to file business entity reports. All Indiana businesses are encouraged to update their e-mail address with her office immediately. The Secretary of State’s office is in the process of phasing out paper reminders for business entity reports and moving to e-mail notifications. This change may save as much as $100,000 a year, allowing Indiana to continue to have some of the lowest business filing fees in the country.

“Your Secretary of State’s office has been on the leading edge of smart government services online, and this upgrade is overdue,” said Secretary Lawson. “Moving to e-mail notifications is the next step in modernizing our system and keeping fees low.”

All businesses are required to file a Business Entity Report with the Secretary of State’s office. Currently, the Secretary of State’s office sends out a paper reminder when a business entity report is due. Starting January 1, 2014, e-mail reminders will replace paper reminder. Businesses that wish to continue receiving reminders to file their report should update their e-mail address immediately at

“Indiana was one of the first states to allow businesses to register and file their business entity reports online,” said Secretary Lawson. “Former Secretaries Sue Anne Gilroy and Todd Rokita brought this office light years ahead of other states and today’s launch continues that tradition.”
For-Profit Corporations and Limited Liability Companies (domestic and foreign) are required to file biennial reports.  The filing fee is $30.00 and the report is due during the month the entity was formed.  Nonprofit Corporations (domestic and foreign) are required to file annual reports.  The filing fee is $10.00 and the report is due during the month the entity was formed. Failure to pay a business entity report will result in the business being administratively dissolved or revoked.

All business entity reports may be filed online at By filing online you will receive a discounted filing fee.
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