Runaway Horse Stops Borman

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Geraldo and Trooper Eric Rot
A runaway horse stopped traffic on the Borman in Lake Station Tuesday afternoon, and Indiana State Police troopers say if it hadn't been for the kindness of the many people who stopped to help, the outcome could have been much worse for “Geraldo”.
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Geraldo, Trooper Eric Rot and Trooper Khari Walton
At approximately 4:35 p.m., the Indiana State Police received a report of a runaway horse running east bound I-80 from Colorado Street.   Troopers Khari Walton, Dan Avitia, Eric Rot and Jerry George converged on the area and found the horse lying down on the inner shoulder just east of Central Avenue. Colleen Lee of Chesterton and David Beckham of Crown Point saw the horse running on I-80 when he fell. Lee and Beckham stopped their vehicles and Lee laid down next to the horse to keep him calm so he wouldn’t dart out in traffic. Beckham stood by with Lee to help control the horse.
Trooper Rot, after he arrived, had traffic stopped eastbound so that he could walk the horse across east bound lanes over into the grassy area, behind the barrier wall on the outer shoulder so he wouldn’t be frightened by all the traffic on I-80. Our Steve Zana talked to Lee about the rescue, and you can hear his interview here at our website at News Audio on Demand:
Lake Station and Hobart Police Departments were instrumental in finding the owner of the horse.   Marcelino Chavez, 62 of Hammond, stated that his horse,“Geraldo”, had jumped over the fence where Geraldo is kept at 25th and Colorado and fled up the interstate. Chavez stated that the horse is used in parades.  Traffic was shut down again for Chavez to load Geraldo up into his horse trailer.
Indiana State Police at the Lowell Post say Geraldo suffered minor abrasions.
All lanes of traffic were re-opened at 6:14 p.m.


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