Local Student in White House Science Fair

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A Region high schooler – inspired by the potential of natural phenomena to affect human health and well-being after flooding that affected northwest Indiana a few years ago – was chosen to present his research at the 2013 White House Science Fair this past Monday. A White House overview says Nathan Kondamuri, a senior at Munster High School,  sought to find ways of harnessing the power of nature to provide energy efficiently. For three years, he has conducted research on a new solar cell that creates electricity by mimicking photosynthesis, and he showcased the technology at the fair.
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Nathan Kondamuri with actor Kal Penn, Actor, Producer, Host of upcoming Discovery Channel series The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius
“As the son of a first generation immigrant, this opportunity was especially exciting for my family and I. My father and grandfather both attended President Obama’s first inaugural, and I know that my grandfather, who passed two years ago, would have been proud,” Kondamuri said.
Kondamuri was the only Hoosier selected to participate in the 2013 White House Science Fair. “I am particularly happy to represent Indiana because we don’t always get this kind of recognition like they do in some states like New York or California. We also have great teachers and schools here, and a lot can be accomplished right here in Indiana if you’re willing to put in the work,” Kondamuri added.
“I commend Nathan on his outstanding work to improve solar cell technology,” Congressman Pete Visclosky said. “Our country’s future is made brighter by young people like Nathan, who never stop questioning, never stop innovating, and never stop inventing. Northwest Indiana is fortunate to be represented by this young man at the White House Science Fair.”
Kondamuri will attend Stanford University next fall, where he says he plans to study chemical engineering and potentially computer science.
[Photos provided by Congressman Visclosky's office]


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