Westville Offenders Helping Cleanup Effort

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Minimum-security offenders from the Westville Correctional Facility will be among those cleaning up major U-S highways in the Region over the next couple of weeks as part of the Indiana Department of Transportation's annual 'Trash Bash' effort. Police say when encountering a work crew, slow down and remain alert for changing traffic patterns and motorists should not pick up hitch-hikers in the area of clean–up crews or correctional facilities. Westville Superintendent Mark Levenhagen says their crews’ goal is to pick up and remove about 60-75 bags of trash each day.
“We are happy to be a part of the state’s annual Trash Bash” said Indiana Department of Correction Commissioner Bruce Lemmon.  “Cleaning up Hoosier highways is one of the ways that offenders can give back to the community and turn doing time into doing good.”
Numerous state correctional facilities are working with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) and Adopt-A-Highway volunteer groups to clean up Indiana’s highways during the annual Trash Bash, which runs through April 28 and coincides with National Earth Day.
“Keeping Indiana’s highways clean costs the state significantly every year,” according to INDOT.  “By partnering with Adopt-A-Highway volunteer groups, sponsoring companies and the Department of Correction, we’re getting more done and taking more pride – while saving taxpayers money – in maintaining beautiful roadsides for motorists.”
Each year, hundreds of tons of trash are collected, sprucing up highways.  In 2010, 11,083 bags of trash and 79.5 tons of loose debris were collected from state highways and right-of-way areas.  This increased over 40% by 2012 to 15,812 bags.
INDOT encourages all Hoosiers to keep Indiana’s highways clean by following these tips:
Don’t litter:  Set a good example for everyone, especially children.
Be responsible:  Carry a litter bag in your car instead of tossing out the window.
Report it:  Report to local authorities areas where people have illegally dumped garbage.
Adopt it:  Individuals, families, school groups, sports teams, civic groups, scouting organizations, businesses and others are encouraged to participate in Adopt-A-Highway or other highway beautification efforts.
For more information on various INDOT programs, contact (317) 232-5509.


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