App Helps Link Hoosiers to Elected Officials

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Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson today unveiled a new app to help Hoosiers identify – and contact – their elected officials. The app is based on the popular Who Are Your Elected Officials website, and uses GPS from your smartphone or tablet to provide information on over 12-thousand elected officials at all levels of government from president to school board.
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INDIANAPOLIS (February 27, 2013) – Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson unveiled today the WAYEO app based on the popular Who Are Your Elected Officials website. The WAYEO app allows Hoosiers to identify and contact the elected officials who represent them using GPS from their smartphone or tablet.  
“The Secretary of State’s office is meeting Hoosiers’ growing demand for more services at their fingertips,” Secretary Lawson said, “The WAYEO app is another way our office is utilizing technology to improve Hoosiers’ access to their elected officials. I encourage Hoosiers to use WAYEO to contact their federal, state and local leaders.”
The WAYEO app provides Hoosiers with contact information for over 12,000 elected officials at all levels of government from president to school board. Once an elected official is selected, the user can click on the official’s phone number or e-mail and the smart phone or tablet will automatically open an e-mail or initiate a call.  
Users can also view an interactive map that identifies the boundaries of an elected official’s district. WAYEO utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and county precinct information to create an all-inclusive map highlighting an area represented by an elected official.  The app will also locate districts by allowing Hoosiers to enter an address or scroll through an interactive map.
The WAYEO app is based on the first-of-its-kind comprehensive database Who Are Your Elected Officials, launched by the Secretary of State’s office in 2010. Since its inception, over 112,651 individuals have visited the site. In the weeks before the 2012 general election, the WAYEO website saw a spike in new visits as Hoosiers prepared to go to the polls.
“I’m particularly proud that we were able to develop this tool by partnering with homegrown technology innovators at Indiana-based 39 Degrees North,” Secretary Lawson said.
Apple users can access the application via iTunes from a mobile device or computer by searching “WAYEO.”  Android users can access the WAYEO application via their mobile app store by searching “Who Are Your Elected Officials.”


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