Governor's 2nd Visit to the Region, Speaks in Gary

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Two weeks to the day of his first visit to Northwest Indiana, Governor Mike Pence returns for a second visit as Indiana's new governor.  The Gary Chamber of Commerce hosted Governor Pence today at the Genesis Convention Center in Gary.
Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson says that she hopes that it will not be his last visit and that the governor would be making regular visits as he develops his vocational education and agricultural programs and as he develops his, "investment in Hoosiers relative to education" and other needs, "we have as a community."
Governor Pence's main message to a a nearly filled-to-capacity room is that, "Job creation is job one."  But Pence says, "we can't succeed in the marketplace if we don't succeed in the classroom."  The state's top executive also echoed his State-of-the-State speech saying that he supports both formal education as well as vocational focused tech center schools.  The governor also challenged Gary and Northwest Indiana to, "do whatever you can do to make your community a better place" adding, "let's teach kids that we live in a place where dreams come true."
Governor Mike Pence's entire speech at the Genesis Convention Center in Gary is available On Demand at:
Govrnor makes point
Indiana Governor Mike Pence speaks in Gary.
mayor and governor
Gary Mayor, Karen Freeman-Wilson addresses audience as Governor Pence listens.
Governor on Dais
Indiana Governor Mike Pence on the dais addresses Genesis Convention Center audience.
Governor toward crwd
Governor Mike Pence speaks to the assembled audience on Friday in Gary.
Governor addresses crowd  2
The view from the back of the room as Governor Mike Pence speaks.
Governor Mike Pence
Indiana Governor Mike Pence meets with the crowd after his speech on Friday at the Genesis Convention Center in Gary.
Genesis Convention Center
Genesis Convention Center in downtown Gary, where Indiana Governor Mike Pence spoke at an event hosted by the Gary Chamber of Commerce.
(photos provided by Jay Stevens )
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