Fatal Accident on Borman Expressway

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Indiana State Police Lowell Post say in Gary, Saturday, February 2nd, Sergeant Alan Jamerson responded to a crash where a husband and wife who had crashed their vehicle earlier were hit while standing outside their car, and the woman suffered fatal injuries.

Preliminary investigation revealed that at approximately 10:20 a.m., a 2009 Honda Civic, driven by a 28-year-old Schaumburg, Illinois, man was east bound on I-80 in the right center lane (four lanes of traffic) when he lost control of his vehicle as he came under the I-65 overpass (this is approximately one mile west of Central Avenue). The Honda spun out of control hitting the barrier wall (on the right) that separates I-80 from the ramp to Central Avenue. The Honda came to rest at an angle facing east bound on the outer shoulder.

Troopers say the man and his wife, 28, got out of the Honda when minutes later a Chevrolet pick-up was east bound in the right lane and lost control under the I-65 overpass. The pick-up’s driver side front door and tire hit the passenger rear of the Civic, police say, causing both vehicles to rotate hitting the outer barrier wall and sliding to a rest. At some point during the crash the Illinois couple were struck while standing outside and thrown over the barrier wall, authorities say, and the woman came to rest on the inner shoulder of the I-80 to Central Avenue ramp while  the man came to rest in the roadway of the same ramp.

Police say the woman was pronounced dead at the scene by the Lake County Coroner from massive blunt force trauma, and her husband was taken to Northlake Methodist Hospital in Gary with non-life threatening injuries. The second driver was also taken to Northlake with complaint of pain and minor lacerations.

Police say the interstate at that time was mostly wet with scattered slick spots.


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