Suspicious Fire in Portage Wednesday

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The Portage Fire Department is asking for the public's help involving a suspicious structure fire in the 2500 block of Hamstron Rd. Wednesday night.  In a press release, Joseph Calhoun, Assistant Fire Chief says the fire department responded to the fire shortly after 6 pm, finding "heavy fire in the front half of the small house.  When firefighters arrived, Calhoun says it was unclear whether the residence was occupied.  The Assistant Chief says one firefighter, who was wearing propper protective gear, received second degree burns to his ears and was transported to a hospital for treatment.  Calhoun says the fire was put out in about an hour and a dog was discovered dead as a result of the fire.
The Portage Fire Department Investigation team continues to investigate as the back door was of the home was found already forced open prior to the firefighters arrival.  Also, probable accelerant pour patterns were found in several places on the structure's floor.  According to the release, one of the firefighters from the initial company inside, Jordan Bucy, received second degree burns to both ears.  Busy, who was wearing all appropriate personnel protective equipment, was transported to Porter Portage Hospital Campus and subsequently treated and released and will require follow up medicare care.  

The Portage Fire Department is requesting the public's assistance in solving this case.  If anyone has information regarding this fire, they can contact the Portage Fire Departmenr at (219) 762-7404 or call the Indiana State Fire Marshall's Arson Tipline at 1-800-382-4628.

"The Portage Fire Department takes all arson crimes seriously but arson that results in the injury of one of our firefighters is unconscionable.  We ask that anyone who can provide any information regarding this fire to contact the Portage Fire Department or the Arson Tipline so that the person or persons responsible can be held accountable," according to the press release.

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