Victories for Tax Question; Former, Current Sheriffs

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Many candidates ran unopposed in Tuesday's primary here in the Region, which included local races for county and township seats, as well as state and US Representative. Turnout was estimated at only about 12-percent in Lake County.

There were some high-profile contests, though, and they included incumbent Lake County Sheriff John Buncich apparently besting two challengers in the Democratic primary. On the GOP side in that race, an apparent victory for Dan Bursac, a 24-year veteran of the Lake County Sheriffs Department.

Also in Lake County, unofficial tallies showed Gary City Councilwoman Kimberly Robinson gaining enough votes from Democrats to defeat incumbent Calumet Township Trustee Mary Elgin.

In Porter County, an apparent victory for Jeff Good in the Republican primary 2nd District County Commissioner's race, where he defeated incumbent Nancy Adams and William LaFever.

In some Porter County Council contests, Michael Jessen was the apparent choice among Republican voters to run for the District 4 County Council seat this November, defeating incumbent councilman Jim Polarek and challenger Anthony Pampalone in Tuesday's primary. Jessen will face Democrat Hebron Town Council President Don Ensign this November.

Republican 3rd District Councilwoman Karen Conover with an apparent victory over challenger Russell “Chet” Barone, and Republican 1st District incumbent Jim Biggs had a very slim lead, eleven votes, over challenger Kyle Yelton.

Also in Porter County, former two-term sheriff David Reynolds winning the Democratic nomination, defeating political newcomer Harold Lush, to face Republican, Valparaiso Police Chief Michael Brickner, in the race for Porter County Sheriff in November. Brickner was unopposed in the primary.

In Hebron, where school officials again asked residents of the Metropolitan School District of Boone Township for a property tax increase to help fund schools, this time voters said yes – by an apparent 23-vote margin. A similar referendum failed by four votes last year. Teacher and program cuts followed.


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