Radio One Communications Announces Sale to Adams Radio Group

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Minneapolis, MN - March 25, 2014: Radio One Communications has agreed to sell its radio cluster in Valparaiso, IN, to Adams Radio Group of Northern Indiana, LLC. Kalil & Company was the broker in the transaction.
Ron Stone, President and CEO of Adams said "This is a great expansion opportunity for Adams Radio in Indiana. This cluster is a rare opportunity. The Ellis family has owned and operated these stations for 50 years and we are fortunate to acquire these great properties. The Ellis's have built an operation that serves from Chicago to South Bend. As a market, it may have been the best kept secret in the industry and will be a great complement to the stations we are purchasing in Fort Wayne."
This is the third market for Adams Radio Group since reentering the radio business last July. Adams closed on Las Cruces, NM in December and is in process of FCC approval for the combined Oasis & Summit owned stations in Fort Wayne, expected to close in May.
"We're proud that Adams Radio Group is going to be a great steward to take us to the next level," said Leigh Ellis. "Our family has proudly served the area between Chicago and South Bend for 50 years. We quietly listed our stations in hopes that we would find the perfect buyer that shares our values in serving the public. We believe Adams Radio is that company. We have no doubts that our families tradition of high quality programming and marketing will continue and the public will be well served by Adams."
About Radio One Communications
Radio One Communications was founded by Len Ellis on November 4, 1964 as a single AM country radio station - WAKE. The company expanded to include Indiana 105.5 in 1967, and X-Rock 103.9 and Z107.1 in 2001. In November of 2013 marked Ellis's 49th year on-air. Leigh Ellis has served the company for 38 years.
Indiana 105 remains the longest consecutive running country station in the nation's third largest broadcast market. The stations reach a total of 7 counties across Northwest Indiana and parts of Cook and Will Counties in Illinois.
About Adams Radio Group
Adams Radio Group is headed by Ron Stone. Adams is a medium to small market company focused on local radio operations and creating great marketing opportunities in the local communities. The ownership group of ARG is comprised of individual investors led by Stephen Adams, who is Chairman and majority owner of The Adams Companies, a diversified group of companies encompassing wineries, outdoor advertising, recreational vehicles and related services.
About Kalil & Company
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