Frost Laws in Valpo Effective Wednesday, March 12th

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City of valpo
The City of Valparaiso announced today frost laws will be put into effect starting tomorrow on numerous city roads. Officials report the only city streets without a weight limit are Calumet, from Burlington beach Road to Morgan and Morgan, from Calumet to Lincolnway.
All contractors, businesses and truck drivers must obtain a frost law permit before making deliveries on City streets with loads heavier than the posted weight. Permits and copies of posted routes are available at the Valparaiso Department of Public Works - 406 Don Hovey Drive - Valparaiso, Indiana, or on the City’s web site at Hours for obtaining permits are 7 am until 3 pm Monday thru Friday. Permits for Saturday or Sunday must be obtained on Friday before 3 p.m.
10 Ton Load Limit:

  Vale Park Road from Calumet to Silhavy Road

Campbell Street from Harrison to Cottage View Terrace

Harrison Blvd. from Campbell to Calumet Avenue

Lafayette Street from Monroe to Harrison Blvd
Milkhouse Road (375N) from Froberg Road to Hwy 130
8 Ton Load Limit:
Silhavy Road from LaPorte to Burlington Beach Road (500N)
Country Club Road from Calumet to Silhavy Road
Burlington Beach Road from Campbell to Oak Grove Drive
Sturdy Road from Evans to LaPorte Ave.
5 Ton Load Limit:

 All Residential Streets & Streets not specifically listed.

No Limit:
The only City streets without a weight limit are: Calumet from Burlington Beach Road to Morgan and Morgan from Calumet to Lincolnway.
No Trucks:
Washington Street- Entire Length
Harrison from Campbell to Froberg Road (150 W)
Yellowstone Rd- Entire length
Bullseye Lake Road from Calumet to Campbell
Ransom Road from Campbell to Froberg

Glendale - Entire length

Evans Avenue from Roosevelt to Silhavy Road
Campbell St. from Harrison Blvd. to Lincolnway
Vale Park Road from Calumet to Campbell
Vale Park Road (400N) from Froberg Road to Hwy 130
Garfield Avenue from Lincolnway to Union Street

Linwood Avenue from U.S. Highway 30 to Union Street

LaPorte Ave from Garfield to Lincolnway
Valparaiso Street – Entire Length
Goodrich Road (50W) from Ransom Road to Jade Blvd.
Sturdy Road from Hwy 30 to Boilermaker Drive.


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