ISP: Traffic on I-80/94 at a Standstill

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(Photos Courtesy of Indiana State Police Lowell post)
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Lake County-Traffic on I-80/94 into Lake County is to a standstill due to a band of snow that has stalled over this area. Specifically in the area from Broadway west to Kennedy Avenue; the hardest hit areas are Burr Street and Cline Avenue where 10-12 inches of snow has fallen.
INDOT is continuing to plow this area and has had trouble keeping up with amount of snow that is falling in addition to the blowing and drifting that is also happening. Payloaders were also sent to the area to alleviate this problem. The band of snow seems to have stalled over a 12 mile area of I-80/94 it will let up for a short period of time then begin to snow again in that same area; at times with whiteout conditions. Traffic west bound on I-80/94 is backed up to Ripley Street.
The ramps from I-80/94 going to Cline Avenue, Burr Street, and Grant Street are nearly impassable due to semi’s trying to exit to the truck stops and getting stuck and people abandoning their cars because of the snow on the ramps.
Traffic from I-65 north and south bound to get onto I-80/94 westbound is also backed up due to this. South bound traffic on I-65 is backed up to 61st Avenue.
PLEASE, PLEASE seek alternate routes or rethink your trip if you need to go toward this area today.
Stay in your vehicle if you are caught in this backed up traffic; the safest place for you and/or your family is inside your car.
Expect long delays and please be patient. Please make room for INDOT vehicles and our troopers to get to this area to assist people and get the road open.


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