Some Warnings Lifted, but Roads Still Hazardous

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State agencies are strongly advising motorists to stay off the roads unless travel is absolutely necessary, even if county travel isn't at “warning” level, which means travel may be restricted to emergency workers only.  At last check, Lake, Porter, LaPorte and Starke Counties were under a travel watch, Jasper and Pulaski Counties remained at travel warning level, and Newton was now in an advisory.  Here's a link to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Travel Status Map (refresh for latest info):
All roads from south central Indiana and through all of northern Indiana remain a combination of ice-covered to snow-packed and ice-covered with bridges and overpasses remaining extremely slick and hazardous.
If travel is absolutely necessary, residents should plan ahead by dressing appropriately for the extreme cold, have a fully charged cell phone with a portable charger and only use a car that is in good mechanical condition with a full tank of fuel.
Stranded motorists should call for help immediately. Be prepared to call a tow service and understand calls for tow services are exceeding capacity to respond, which means motorists could be waiting several hours before help arrives. The Joint Information Center in Indiana says while waiting for the tow truck, remember that on average a vehicle will burn one gallon of fuel per hour while idling. If low on fuel, run the engine in 15 minute increments to keep warm.
Information on state highways can be found through INDOT’s TrafficWise Traveler Information Service at Conditions are constantly changing. Even if roads are not closed with signs or by designation, travel may still be hazardous.
And even if your county is not designated as “red,” the highest warning on the Indiana Department of Homeland Security (IDHS) travel advisory map, travel conditions still may not be safe for driving. To view the IDHS County Travel Status map, go to ( ) .


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