LOFS, Hebron Fire Depts 'Stop, Drop Donate'

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'Tis the weekend to Stop, Drop and Donate for a couple of Region fire departments. Lakes of the Four Seasons Volunteer Fire Force will be running their annual Stop, Drop and Donate food collection today (Sat Dec 7) on the Porter County side of LOFS, 10a to 3p, also driving through the following subdivisions; Springwood Estates, Fieldstone Manor, and Windy Oaks. The Lake County LOFS collection event is being held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday December 14th and will also include the following subdivisions; Stoney Run, Trees, Double Tree East & West, Country Meadows, as well as the Lake County side of Lakes of the Four Seasons. Residents can leave donated items at the end of their driveway, at the fire station, or make cash donations to firefighters.
Tomorrow (Sunday Dec 8), the Hebron Fire Department is holding its third annual “Stop, Drop and Donate” tomorrow, Sunday, December 8th from 10 am to 2 pm. Fire Chief Chad Franzman says the food drive being held in conjunction with the Boone Township Trustee's Office works like this:  anyone who wants to donate to the Hebron Country Food Pantry located at Hebron United Methodist Church to meet firefighters at the end of their driveway or set their food out there in a cardboard box or brown paper bag, where it will be picked up.    Franzman says last year's 'Stop, Drop and Donate' resulted in six pickup truck loads full of food. There will also be a collection site at Patz's in Hebron and at the Hebron Fire Station. Franzman says trucks will sound their siren to let residents know they're in the neighborhood and they plan to pass through more than once.  You can hear more about the event from Hebron Fire Chief Chad Franzman here at our website at News Audio on Demand.


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