Police Investigate Gary Homicides

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Police in Gary are investigating as many as three possible homicides this morning. 
Police in Gary say they are searching for a white van involved in a shooting early today. Public Information Officer Corporal Gabrielle King says at about 3:30 am, a woman reported being in her van with her boyfriend and a friend of his, when the friend pulled out a gun and shot both of them, and she was able to jump out.  Investigators say they have since learned that a body found this morning in the 32-hundred block of Georgia Street in Gary, initially thought to have been the body of the woman's boyfriend, was someone else.  The woman's boyfriend may still be in the van, and may have been fatally shot, but that is unknown at this time.   The woman's vehicle was described as a white 1999 Chrysler van with Indiana In God We Trust license plate OFP 293.
Gary Police are also investigating a fatal shooting on the west side of the city overnight. Corporal King says shortly after midnight officers received a call of shots fired in the 62-hundred block of West 29th Avenue.  Investigators say it was determined that three masked gunmen came to the front door of the residence and tried to get in, then went around to the side door, where they came into contact with one of the occupants of the home.  Police say they led him back into the house at gunpoint, a struggle ensued and shots were fired.  Four people were shot, authorities say, and one individual, identified by the Lake County Coroners Office as 22-year-old Rolando Correa was pronounced dead at approximately 2 am at an area hospital.    Corporal King says the shooting incidents do not appear to be related.


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