Poachers Caught Hunting Illegally in National Lakeshore

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Officials say two men were apprehended hunting illegally in Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in separate incidents this month. On Friday November 15th, National Park Service rangers say they located a Buchanan, Michigan man hunting in a tree stand approximately 75 yards inside the park boundary near Mount Baldy in Michigan City. The next day, a ranger on patrol in the Pinhook Bog area of the park discovered a Valparaiso man allegedly standing in an illegal tree stand about 150 yards inside the park boundary in possession of hunting gear. Hunting within Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is prohibited under federal law and both men are facing charges. Violators are also subject to the seizure and forfeiture of all equipment, including firearms and vehicles.
Additional information from the National Park Service:
Hunters may not pursue, dress out, or transport legally wounded or killed animals that end up within park boundaries unless they are accompanied by a park ranger. Hunters should call 1-800-ParkTip to report any such incidents and to request assistance. Legally taken animals may not be stored overnight anywhere in the park, including campgrounds, parking lots, or any other visitor facilities. All park roads are closed to the transportation of lawfully taken wildlife, unless specifically approved in writing by a park ranger. Individuals hunting near the park boundary are reminded to be familiar with the location of the park and to confirm that the area they are hunting in is not inside the boundary.
The National Park Service welcomes the public’s assistance in helping to protect the park’s wildlife. Illegal or suspicious hunting activity can be reported to the 1-800-ParkTip line 24 hours a day seven days a week. Reporting parties do not have to identify themselves and all reports are kept confidential.  For more information click


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