South Shore Air Show Moving to Fair Oaks Farms

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air show announcement 1
(Photos Courtesy of Nick Russ and the South Shore CVA)

This morning at the Indiana Welcome Center in Hammond, officials welcomed back the South Shore Air Show... which is heading to a new location.  Speros A. Batistatos, President and CEO of the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority, and Gary Corbett, CEO of Fair Oaks Farms, announced that Fair Oaks Farms will play backdrop to the event at a press conference on Thursday, Nov. 21.
air show announcement 2
Fair Oaks Farms is a 33,000 acre attraction, allowing the two organizations ample room to make additions to the family-fun event.  “Hosting an air show at a tourism destination, like Fair Oaks Farms, has yet to be done in the United States,” said Batistatos. “We have a real opportunity to bring in new facets to an event that is already a ‘must-attend’ for residents and visitors.”  Additionally, Batistatos believes hosting the air show at Fair Oaks Farms will challenge conventional thinking on space used for events along the South Shore.  “Northwest Indiana is such a unique area. There are many different features that can be highlighted and tailored to make an event truly special and successful,” said Batistatos.  According to Batistatos, Fair Oaks Farms enthusiastically agreed to partner for the 2014 air show.
air show map
(An aerial view of Fair Oaks indicating the event space in 2014)
South Shore Air Show attendees will be able to enjoy the traditional, exciting aerial acrobatics in addition to exploring all Fair Oaks Farms has to offer. With the recent addition of The Pig Adventure, Fair Oaks Farms has numerous educational and entertaining activities for all ages. Proposed additions to the air show include a car show and live music entertainment.
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Previously, the South Shore Air Show had been held on the beaches of Marquette Park in the Miller Beach section of Gary. Officials say this year's show was canceled due to the impact of automatic federal spending cuts, or sequestration.  Dates for the 2014 South Shore Air Show will be announced in the coming months.


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