Man Charged with Felony Stalking

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In Portage, police say a 44-year-old Valparaiso-area man who reportedly admitted he has a foot fetish has been arrested and charged with felony stalking after allegedly following a mother and daughter from the Portage Library to a restaurant, Friday afternoon, and then to the police station. Police say at one point the subject stepped on the daughter's foot as she exited the library, causing her shoe to come off, and afterwards he apologized. Police say the man, a registered sex offender who has committed several acts of violence against women in Michigan, denied any intentions of harming the women. Portage Police say they believe the man has done this in the past and any women who may have had a similar experience at the library or any other business in Portage are asked to call Portage Police.  [Photo - Dustin A. Jolly]
Here is the news release from Portage Police:
On Friday, November 15th Portage Police arrested a 44-year-old Valparaiso man (Dustin Jolly) on Felony Stalking charges after he began following two Portage women around the cit y in his car as the women were headed home after they left the Portage library.
The incident began shortly after 2 pm on Friday afternoon when two women (mother and daughter) went to the library to rent a movie. While inside looking for a movie, the daughter noticed that a male subject kept walking around the area in the library near her. At one point the male came into the same aisle as the female and stood next to her. The daughter advised that when she was unable to find a movie to rent, she began exiting the library. While headed to the main entrance, she heard someone walking fast behind her and observed it to be the same male subject. The daughter stated that as she was exiting the buildings doors, the male stepped on her foot which caused her shoe to fall off. After the incident, the male apologized and both then went their own way and walked into the parking lot to their cars.
The female advised that after leaving the library, she and her mother then went to a restaurant to eat. While getting their food, she observed the males car drive by twice which she thought was odd. On the second drive by, the daughter wrote down the cars license plate number. While driving home after they left the restaurant, they observed the same car following them. Both females were aware of this and continued to drive around the city instead of going directly to their home. When the car continued to follow them after they tried to get away it, they drove to the Portage Police Department to report the incident.
While officers were taking the report from the women, they found out that car was registered to a Dustin A Jolly of Valparaiso. Officers learned that Mr. Jolly was a registered sex offender who had committed several acts of violence against women in the past in Michigan. As officers were leaving the police department to go to Mr. Jolly’s residence to speak with him about the incident, they observed Mr. Jolly’s car drive past the police department and stopped him.
When questioned about the incident at the library, Mr. Jolly admitted to it and stated that he was “sorry and needs help”. He told officers that he has a foot fetish and never meant to harm anyone. He stated that he was simply following the women and denied any intentions of harming them. After further questioning by detectives at the police department, Mr. Jolly was charged with class D Felony Stalking.
We believe that Mr. Jolly has done this in the past and if any women have had a similar experience at the library or any other business in Portage, they are asked to contact Detective Cpl. Janies Regnier at 219-764-5706.


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