Cleanup Continues After Severe Weather

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A strong storm system knocked down trees and utility poles around northwest Indiana Sunday, and knocked out power to tens of thousands in the Region. A roof was blown off a home at Lakes of the Four Seasons, and we had word of a 40 foot pine tree uprooted in the 2100 block of Crockett Avenue in Valparaiso. A barn was reported destroyed on Morse Street in Lowell. There were no reports of injuries there.
Northern Indiana Public Service company says initial assessments indicate storm damage includes three damaged transmission towers, more than 120 broken poles, numerous downed lines and broken cross arms and hundreds of downed trees and limbs. NIPSCO says more than 75-thousand customers were affected; as of 5am, that number was down to about 12-thousand across their service territory, with about 23-hundred in the Lowell area and about a-thousand in the Valparaiso area.
All available NIPSCO field personnel were working overnight Sunday night into Monday morning to access damage to the electric system and restore power to customers. While NIPSCO crews will be working around the clock to safely return service to affected customers, the utility company says it will be late Monday afternoon before solid estimated restoration times for areas with the most system damage will be completed and it may be multiple days before all customers are restored.
KV REMC says approximately 870 members remain without power this morning.  At the peak of the storm Sunday evening,over 5,000 members were without power.  Crews continue to work through the service territory making repairs to the system and in most cases replacing the many broken poles. Tree trimming contractors also continue to assist in the removal of tree debris allowing for our crews to work safely in the harder hit areas.


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