Photos: Jagger's Hair Worth $3,100?

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A lock of hair of rocker Mick Jagger will be auctioned for the U.K. charity, Changing Faces, which supports people with disfigurements. The lock of hair is estimated to be worth £1,500 to £2,000, or about $2,300 to $3,100. Cut in the 1960s, the hair was saved by an old girlfriend's grandmother. "The statement from Chrissie Shrimpton confirms that, unbeknown to her at the time, this lock was saved by her grandmother when Mick and Chrissie were staying at her parents' farm. Apparently, on her grandmother's death, the hair passed to Chrissie's aunt and when she died, the hair was returned to Chrissie by a cousin taking care of personal effects," the listing states.
image  Photos: Jagger's Hair Worth $3,100?  Photos: Jagger's Hair Worth $3,100?  Photos: Jagger's Hair Worth $3,100?  Photos: Jagger's Hair Worth $3,100?

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