Gov. Preserves 'Gun Free' Schools

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Gov. Preserves 'Gun Free' Schools Four days after the deadly elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn. which left 20 children and six teachers dead, Texas Gov. Rick Perry expressed support for school districts to allow teachers to carry concealed handguns in schools. "In the state of Texas, if you go through the process, have been trained, and you are a handgun-licensed individual, you should be able to carry a gun anywhere in the state," Perry told the North East Tarrant County Tea Party Monday evening, according to WFAA. It's not the majority opinion in the United States – an ABC News / Washington Post poll conducted in the aftermath of the shooting found that 54 percent of Americans favor stricter gun control laws in general and fifty-nine percent support a ban specifically on high-capacity ammunition clips like the ones used in Newtown. But Perry is far from alone. In Michigan, the day before the Newtown shooting, the legislature passed a bill that would allow people with a permit and training for concealed weapons to carry them even in "gun free zones" like schools and daycare centers. Individual schools could individually ban guns on their property.

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