BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN

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EDITORS: As the New York-New Jersey Super Bowl approaches, The Associated Press is offering a multi-format series, exploring its uniqueness, strategy and potential as a groundbreaking NFL event. Going forward, the AP will provide stories for immediate release over 13 weeks. In a cycle that started Nov. 7, the AP will publish a series of stories — at least one per week — through Feb. 2, the day of the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. For questions, please call (212) 621-1630. For repeats, call the service desk at (800) 838-4616. Below is a rundown of December's stories: FBN--SUPER BOWL 2014-UFC'S MISSION NEW YORK — A closer look at the world of mixed martial arts and the phenomena that it now is globally. In February, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, still pushing to be legal in New York, will hold its biggest event in New Jersey, trying to ride the NFL's coattails a bit as the Super Bowl will be played six miles away the following...
image  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN  BC-FBN--Super Bowl 2014,ADVISORY, FBN

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